Updated IBM C2090-102 Exam Questions – [Dec-2017 Dumps]

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Latest and Most Accurate IBM C2090-102 Dumps Exam Questions and Answers:

Version: 8.0
Question: 21

In designing a new Hadoop system for a customer, the option of using SAN versus DAS was brought up. Which of the following would justify choosing SAN storage?

A. SAN storage provides better performance than DAS
B. SAN storage reduces and removes a lot of the HDFS complexity and management issues
C. SAN storage removes the Single Point of Failure for the NameNode
D. SAN storage supports replication, reducing the need for 3-way replication

Answer: D

Question: 22

As you explore the data for a BigSheets workbook, you must run the workbook against the full data set to get the most current results for analysis. Which statement is TRUE regarding running and visualizing data in a workbook?

A. You can create graphs for more than one sheet within the same workbook
B. By default, the first sheet in your workbook is named the Results sheet
C. When you save and run the workbook, the data in a Child Workbook is the output for that workbook
D. When you add sheets to workbooks, saving the sheets runs the individual data for the sheet but not for the full workbook

Answer: C


Question: 23

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Which of the following is NOT an example of unstructured data?

A. HBase table
B. Tweet
C. Netezza table
D. Internet Protocol Detail Record

Answer: C


Question: 24

Which of the following statements is TRUE regarding Cloud deployment models?

A. Performance and scalability requirements are a critical factor for deciding between Platform as a Serviceand Infrastructure as a Service deployment models
B. In a platform as a Service offering, the customer has root access to the servers
C. Applications with extremely high transactions volumes are good candidates for Platform as a Service
D. In an infrastructure as a service deployment, the cloud provider provides security patching, monitoring andfail over capabilities

Answer: A

Question: 25

A large Retailer (online and “brick & mortar”) processes data for analyzing marketing campaigns for their loyalty club members. The current process takes weeks for processing only 10% of social data. What is the most costeffective platform for processing and analyzing campaign results from social data on a daily basis using 100% dataset?

A. Enterprise Data Warehouse
B. BigInsights Open Data Platform
C. High Speed Mainfraime Processing
D. In Memory Computing

Answer: B


Question: 26

Which of the following is NOT a valid Service Level Agreement (SLA) metric?

A. Mean time between failures
B. Mean time to repair
C. Identification to responsible party
D. Identification of failing component

Answer: D