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Latest HPE2-K42 Dumps Exam Questions and Answers:

Version: 9.0
Question: 16

An architect is using the HPE Synergy Planning Tool and selects a three-frame configuration.
Which components does the architect need to add because they are not pre-defined by this selection?

A. HPE VC SE 40Gb F8 (master) modules
B. cables between satellite and master modules
C. compute modules.
D. interconnect (or satellite) modules

Answer: C

Question: 17

What is one advantage of linking multiple Synergy frames using master and satellite interconnect modules?

A. This design is optimized for the north-south (data center edge-to-core) traffic flow that is most common in modem data centers.
B. This design permits multi-chassis link aggregations between compute modules and multiple satellites in different frames.
C. This design helps customers to replace top of rack (TOR) switches with fewer end of row (EOR) switches.
D. This design enables multiple frames to be managed by the same HPE Synergy Composer modules.

Answer: C

Question: 18

What is one role that Frame Link Modules (FLMs) play in an HPE Synergy solution?

A. They combine multiple Synergy Frames together in a logical fabric for compute modules production traffic.
B. They provide LEDs to display information about the status of links on the Synergy interconnect modules.
C. They discover information about frame components and forward the information to the Synergy Composer
D. They connect compute modules in one Synergy frame to storage modules in another Synergy frame

Answer: C

Question: 19

An HPE Synergy Frame, labeled Frame 3 as shown, is part of a five-frame logical fabric, as well as a management ring that needs to connect to an uplink management network. The Synergy fabric uses HPE VC SE 40Gb F8 Modules as its master modules. Synergy Frame 3 has two Frame Link Modules (FLMs). The frame contains both an HPE Synergy Composer and an HPE Synergy Image Streamer.
How should the architect connect the MGMT ports on the Frame 3 FLMs9

A. Connect FLM 1 to one of the VC SE 40Gb F8 Modules and connect FLM 2 to the management network.
B. Connect FLM1 to one VC SE 40Gb F8 Module and connect FLM 2 to the otherVCSE 40Gb FSModute.
C. Connect FLM 1 to the management network and connect FLM 2 to one of the VC SE 40Gb F8 Modules
D. Connect FLM 1 to the management network and connect FLM 2 to the management network.

Answer: C

Question: 20

What is one way that HPE Synergy solutions help line of business (LOB) users such as DevOps engineers to request resources more easily?

A. Engineers can log service requests through the Synergy user portal which sends automated
updates to IT administrators.
B. Engineers can use the Synergy change management and task workflow engines to schedule who will be using the infrastructure at various times.
C. Engineers can provision resources using the unified API instead of having to script using many different APIs
D. Engineers can log into the Synergy portal and request services and workloads from a catalog.

Answer: C

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