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Question No. 1

How can you protect the configuration file from eavesdropping, when uploading from a Cisco WLC?

Answer: A

Question No. 2

A customer has a corporate SSID that is configured to authenticate against an ACS server to validate client credentials on the corporate SSID. The customer has a firewall logically positioned on the network between the WLC and the ACS server in the network architecture. Which port must the firewall allow to ensure that authentication can occur?

Answer: B

Question No. 3

When the enterprise-based authentication method is used for WPA2, a bidirectional handshake exchange occurs between the client and the authenticator.

Which five options are results of that exchange being used on a controller-based network? (Choose five.)

Answer: A, B, C, D, F

Question No. 4

Which two states are valid when an AP discovers and joins a controller? (Choose two.)

Answer: D, E

Question No. 5

If an antenna has a dBd of 8.6, what is the dBi value?

Answer: D

Question No. 6

Wireless clients are experiencing loss of connectivity while roaming between controllers. To fix this, what configuration should be the same on all controllers within the mobility group?

Answer: B

Question No. 7

Which three architecture are valid Cisco Wireless architecture? (choose three.)

Answer: A, E, F

Question No. 8

Which statement applies to TKIP?

Answer: C

Question No. 9

When using multiple SSIDs on a lightweight AP, how does the traffic of each SSID reach the 802.3 network?

Answer: B

Question No. 10

Refer to the exhibit.

Refer to the exhibit. An engineer is configuring a SSID to utilize the management interface on the WLC. The management interface is configured with an untagged VLAN in the wireless controller interface settings. The controller is connected to a neighboring switch via the interface shown in the diagram.

Which VLAN will traffic coming from the newly created SSID use to traverse the wired network?

Answer: C

Question No. 11

Refer to the exhibit.

Which menu gives you access to manage background tasks in Cisco WCS?

Answer: E

Question No. 12

What is the numerical value in dBm that corresponds to a power level of 50 mW?

Answer: B

Question No. 13

Access points must discover a wireless LAN controller before they can become an active part of the network. In which order does an access point try to discover a controller?

Answer: C

Question No. 14

A customer is expecting wireless traffic in excess of 20 Gbps to traverse a single controller. Which wireless controller model fulfills this requirement?

Answer: A

Question No. 15

You are testing a new autonomous Cisco Aironet 1260 AP that has booted for the first time on the existing corporate network, which includes voice, data, and location services.

How do you reach the GUI of the AP?

Answer: C

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