Cisco CCDE 352-001 CCDE Exam Questions Are Out!

Question No. 1

A network design engineer is designing a new storage area network that combines multiple separate legacy SAN environments within a data center. Which technology isolates events within one of the SAN environment from the others?

Answer: D

Question No. 2

Which MPLS attribute is required for links to carry a given MPLSTE tunnel?

Answer: A

Question No. 3

You are designing dual-homed active/active ISP connections from an enterprise customer for internet services, and you have recommended BGP between the customer and ISP. When three security mechanisms do you enable to secure the connection? (Choose three)

Answer: B, E, F

Question No. 4

Refer to the exhibit.

This new OSPF network has four areas, but the hub-and-spoke area experiences frequent flapping. In order to fix this design failure, which two mechanisms can you use to isolate the data center area from the hub-and-spoke area without losing Ip connectivity? (Choose two)

Answer: B, D

Question No. 5

You have been asked to design a wireless network solution that will implement context-aware services on an existing network that was initially deployed for data traffic only. Which two design principles would you follow to increase the location accuracy with the least possible impact on the current setup? (Choose two.)

Answer: A, D

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