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Version: 9.0
Question: 21

Scenario: Users belong to three Authentication, Authorization and Auditing (AAA) groups: Corporate, Finance and Software.
Show aaa groups:
>show aaa group
1) GroupName: Corporate
2) GroupName: Finance
3) GroupName: Software
>show aaa group Corporate
GroupName: Corporate
Weight: 0
Authorization Policy: pol_1, Type: Classic, Priority: 0
> add authorization policy pol_1 ns_true ALLOW
> bind aaa group Corporate –policy pol_1
The user is being denied resources while aaad.debug shows:
Group ‘cporporate’ being extracted for user User1
Why is the user being denied access?

A. The Authorization policy is NOT configured properly.
B. The group attribute is NOT configured in the LDAP policy.
C. AAA group names are NOT the same as those in Active Directory/
D. LDAP Base DN is incorrect.

Answer: D

Question: 22

Which scenario will cause automatic high availability (HA) synchronization to fail?

A. Different build versions
B. A configuration change to the primary NetScaler
C. A force failover
D. Manually forced synchronization

Answer: B

Question: 23

Scenario: A company recently acquired three smaller companies; this adds more than 1500 employees to the company. The current NetScaller appliance does NOT support adding that many users.
A Citrix Administrator needs to use a Multi-Tenancy solution, giving each newly acquired company its own NetScaler for VPN access, load balancing, and at least 20 GBPS of throughput.
How can the administrator meet the needs of this environment?

A. Install XenServer and configure a NetScaler VPX 3000 for each newly acquired company.
B. Purchase a NetScaler MPX appliance for each newly acquired company.
C. Purchase a NetScaler CPX for each newly acquired company.
D. Purchase a NetScaler SDX appliance and configure a NetScaler Instance for each newly acquired company.

Answer: D

Question: 24

Which two features can a Citrix Administrator use to allow secure access to a sensitive company web server that is load-balanced by the NetScaler? (Choose two.)

A. ICA proxy
B. Integrated caching
C. Application Firewall
D. AppFlow

Answer: A,C

Question: 25

Scenario: A NetScaler is configured with the following modes:
-MAC-based Forwarding
-Layer 3 mode
A Citrix Administrator configured a new router and now requires some of the incoming and outgoing traffic to take different paths through the new router. However, the administrator notices that this is failing and takes a network trace. After a short monitoring period, the administrator notices that the packets are still NOT getting to the new router from the NetScaler.
Which mode should the administrator disable on the NetScaler to facilitate the addition of the new router and successfully route the packets?

A. MAC-based Forwarding
C. Layer 3 mode

Answer: D

Question: 26

Scenario: Client connects to certain virtual servers are abnormally high. A Citrix Administrator needs to be alerted whatever the connections pass a certain threshold.
How can the administrator use NetScaler Management and Analytics System (MAS) to accomplish this requirement?

A. Configure SMTP Reporting on the NetScaler MAS by adding the threshold and email address.
B. Configure specific alerts for virtual servers using NetScaler MAS.
C. Configure TCP Insight on the NetrScaler MAS.
D. Configure Network Reporting on the NetScaler MAS by setting the threshold and email address.

Answer: D

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